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Welcome to Champion Site + Sound, a full-service post production facility, where a team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment is at your disposal. Combining creative and technical excellence, we bring all the important pieces together to achieve the ideal finished product and beyond. Post production is the third stage of development, encompassing everything after shooting has been finalized. From editing, special effects, and animation, to uploading and distribution, there?s a lot more to it than most people recognize.

At Champion Site + Sound, we customize post production to accommodate your specific needs and goals. Whether simple editing of the basic arrangement of visual and audio material, finishing touches, visual effects, color correction, creative requirements, or whatever your vision demands, we save you time, simplify the process, and ensure proper measures are taken to produce the highest quality outcome and maximum visibility. For further information on how Champion Site + Sound can effectively manage your post production needs, please contact us at (323) 850-4990.

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