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Let The Music Do The Talking

We love music, you love music, and musicians appreciate when you actually purchase their music.  So with that said, here's some recent releases you should consider purchasing:


Allen Stone - Radius

Allen Stone & his entire band may be some of the most talented and spirited people we've had the fortune of calling our friends.  We think this album is a game changer for that will project Allen into the spotlight.  It should be noted, that I'm also listening to this album right now.  According to the New York Times review, "Allen Stone insists that he is committed to vintage soul on his third album, “Radius.” That means grainy, unvarnished singing, lyrics that promise honest sentiments, grooves built with physical instruments and a gospel-rooted determination to uplift."


The Mowgli's - Kids In Love

Can we just hang out with The Mowgli's always?  They have made quite a splash on the scene in the last few years.  This year they seem to be performing at almost every music festival, and with good reason... have you ever seen them live?!  Anyway, the album:  Upbeat indie dance pop rock.  This album makes us feel happy, so we like it a lot.  I'm not sure what else you need to know. This person's review of Kids In Love pretty much sums up our sentiment, and really appreciate the last line stating "This album gives playing with puppies a run for its money."  Well played. 


Rozzi Crane - Space EP

Rozzi Crane has been blessed with an insane vocal range & powerful voice. After her recent performance on The Voice, she re-entered the Heatseekers chart at No. 7 & was featured in Billboard's "Tommorrow's Hits." Space consists of a catchy anthems, slow & fast paced songs, a duet & a ballad. This up & coming pop star is signed to Adam Levine's 222 Records, and definitely has a huge future ahead of her.  If Space is a glimpse into her full length, we'll pre-order the full length.     




The walls are of our new Atwater Village location covered with amazing art.   Courtesy of our friends at Mr. Musichead Gallery, our long hallway is adorned with timeless photographs of everyone's favorite musicians, including Prince, Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, James Brown, The Beatles, Patti Smith & Bob Dylan.  Mr. Musichead Gallery is dedicated to bringing you all things music, art, photography, and the artists behind the most iconic rock images. 

You'll also find colorful paintings by one of our oldest & dearest friends, LouisXXX.  Louis' bio reads as color as his artwork.  You may recocognize his work on various t-shirts sold at Anthropologie or perhaps from his first book, I Love My Girlfriend.  And according to LouisXXX, "Painters don't just paint anymore. I love the idea of getting thoughts out quickly and getting immediate feedback. It's very self-generating, which is what my whole thought process and career is based on."

If you are interested in purchasing any of the work you see in the building, let us know.  And lastly, if you are intersted in having your art displayed, please contact us!